Rent out your equipment

Earn money renting out your equipment through O-yah



How renting out your equipment works

Submit a list of all your equipment

Submit a list of all the equipment you have which must include make and model

I.e. Canon 5D DSLR and pictures of your equipment.


All the equipment must covered by insurance

We’re here to help if you don’t have insurance

We work with the best insurance companies that will give you affordable premier rate. With one rental you will be able to pay for your insurance and the rest is extra cash.

get insurance quote

How customers pay

Oyah handles all payment, you never have to deal with money directly. Customers

pay up front for the equipment.

How you get paid

We pay direct to your bank account. Your payment is sent 24 hours after we have collect the equipment.

Collect, deliver, pickup and drop off

Oyah handles all logistics of collecting or dropping off the equipment from both the renter and the client. Thus safeguarding both parties involved.

submit equipment list

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